IGNiTE Development Program

IGNiTE is the critical first step in Grand Slam’s Hitting Hot Junior Pathway. Young players will learn faster and love tennis forever!

IGNiTE is unique. Rather than the traditional approach other 10 & under programs take, IGNiTE reflects the principles and approach that is at the heart of the Grand Slam Hitting Hot Tennis Teaching Model. Grand Slam’s entire professional staff has completed comprehensive training in implementing IGNiTE.

Our main goal is to start young players effectively on their journey of learning to play tennis well. Our IGNiTE curriculum includes developing:
- the whole child as a lifelong competitor
- the athletic skills necessary to succeed
- a child who is motivated to practice, play and be involved in more than just lessons
- two development streams based upon different levels of interest, focus, and motivation
- solid technical foundations
- great relationships with parents as stakeholders

Our IGNiTE Tennis Program is designed to help juniors 10 and under learn to play more effectively. By modifying the court size, racquet size, balls, net height and scoring system, juniors will develop better skills and enjoy learning to play tennis.

The four (4) levels within the IGNiTE program include:
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Tennis Whizz – Age 3-4 – Developing motor skills for tennis in a fun and positive environment

RED BALL 36’ – Age 5-7 - Entry level, 36’ court with red low compression ball. Emphasis is on skill development and general motor and athletic skills. Racquet size 19-23”

ORANGE BALL 60’ – Age 8-9 - 60’ court with orange low compression ball. Players are required to demonstrate an exchange using full or abbreviated service motion. Racquet size 23-25”

GREEN BALL 78’ – Age 9-10 - 78’ full court with green transition ball. Players learn tactical play, control and consistency.

2019-20 Season runs September 3, 2019 through April 26, 2020.

Note: Classes will not meet on Thanksgiving Day, and during the holiday break December 24, 2019 through January 1, 2020.

For further information, contact Jill McCourt via email or call 914-234-9206.

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