Rick Ferman, Executive Director of Tennis

Rick Ferman

Rick Ferman, Executive Director of Tennis    
Certifications: USPTA Elite Professional, PTR Professional, USTA High Performance Coach

Rick’s greatest satisfaction comes from seeing athletes and coaches giving their all to reach their goals.  Demanding and supportive at the same time, he holds his players accountable for striving for their stated goals. His greatest frustration then is when he sees a player or coach with talent but without the motivation to develop it to its fullest.

Year of certification: 1973                 
Years of experience: 41
Credentials: USTA Sport Science Competency, CPR/First Aid, USTA Background Check, Donnay Brand Ambassador, Midwest USPTA Hall of Fame

Education: Michigan State University, B.S. Multidisciplinary Social Sciences, M.A. Administration
Of Intramural Sports and Recreative Services

Playing Background/Highlights:
Juniors: Learned to compete under Jean Hoxie, played national and some international events (Orange Bowl, Canadian National Open)
College:  Michigan State University

Teaching Experience:
Director of Tennis, Lansing Tennis Club; Managing Partner, The Randy Co. (Court One Athletic Clubs); President, Altheus Tennis; Founder/Director, Con petire Tennis School

Teaching Style: A blend of the command and cooperative teaching styles; mixing clear expectations with sensitivity for each athlete’s ups and downs   

Teaching Philosophy:
Focus on developing each athlete’s game with a long term perspective and keep the athlete at the center of every decision made on their behalf

Person having the greatest impact on your tennis: My Father who started the whole thing
Person having the Greatest influence on your teaching: Jean Hoxie who I never saw hit a tennis ball
Favorite Male player: Todd Martin            
Favorite Female Player: Margaret Court
Best win: By record, Brian Gottfried – 1963 Canadian National Open Quarterfinals 7-5, 2-6, 7-5
Personally – David Domzal - 1968, 6-4, 6-4
Worst loss: Mike Ware (1971)…terrible preparation and lousy execution (my biggest life lesson)

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