Zhenya Pereverzin, Junior IGNiTE / Adult Team Coordinator

Zhenya Pereverzin

Zhenya Pereverzin
Junior 10 & Under IGNiTE / Adult Ream Coordinator (promoted April 2017)
Certification/Level: USPTA Professional

Education/Degree: Claremont McKenna College- Government/legal studies

Zhenya has been with Grand Slam since 2015. As a USPTA Professional, he has made many adult team and junior programs fun and lively for our players. His positive attitude and fun-ongoing spirit create a constructive atmosphere for teaching and learning.

Playing Background/Highlights:  
1. Juniors: Top ranked Junior in the Pacific Northwest. Won 4 Oregon State High School Titles Top 30 in the nation.
2. College:  Doubles All American reached 2 Team NCAA finals.
3. Professional: N/A

Teaching Experience:
Year of certification: 2015    
Years of experience: 2

Other positions in tennis (career & volunteer): East Hampton Indoor Tennis Match Point tennis academy.

Teaching Style: Hands on- lots of positivity and fun.

Teaching Philosophy: Strong connection between student and teacher helps in quicker improvement.  

Person having the greatest impact on your tennis: Paul Settles  
Person having the greatest influence on your teaching:  Rick Ferman
Favorite male player: Novak Djokovic        
Favorite Female Player: Maria Kinlenko
Best win: Alex Rovello                  
Worst loss: Too many

Additional info: Coach youth certified, CPR certified

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